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Looking for sexy holiday gifts to stuff their stockings?

Sexy holiday stocking stuffers

Sexy holiday stocking stuffers

It’s that time of year. We’re scrambling around for the best deals on gifts and gadgets that are on everyone’s holiday list and trying not to get trampled during the sales. But once you’ve got something under the tree for everyone on your shopping roster, you still have those damn stockings hanging over the fireplace to fill.

And that’s where The Screaming O comes in. You don’t have much space, and you don’t have much time to get creative. So what to you buy for the girl who hates gift cards, the guy who doesn’t need another pair of socks, or your significant other who’s expecting something incredible?

Fortunately for you, sex is the gift that never stops giving, even when you’re not around, and The Screaming O makes it easy to give the gift of joy – with batteries included.

Guys – every mini vibe, love ring, and couples sexcessory is small enough to fit in your pocket (and her holiday stocking) and if you’re daring you can stuff more than just a few in there to show her you really mean business.

And ladies – if you’re best friend is the kind of chick who didn’t blush during Sex Ed, you can put together a special gift basket of the very best that The Screaming O has to offer so she has something new to open every day until New Year’s Eve.

If you, your partner, or your besties aren’t sure what might make the best stocking stuffer or sexy gift this year, here are a few suggestions coming from The Screaming O’s research and development team – no one better to ask romantic gift advice from than the people in charge of creating sexy things!

1. Looking for a way to spice up things this holiday season and an easy way to introduce toys into the bedroom?

Stuff their stocking with:
Screaming O Vibrating Ring – the award winning, top-selling revolutionary disposable sex aid is a couples-friendly design that enhances the ability for both partners to achieve incredible orgasms…together. Now that’s what we call a holiday marvel.

2. Looking for fun bedroom toys that will get you in the holiday mood?

Stuff their stocking with:
FingO GlowO Glow Bullet and Big O Glow – glowing super-powered vibrators with LED light. Save your holiday light competition for the bedroom this year and keep them screaming all night!

3. Looking for a way to add some cute fun in their stocking and in the sack?

Stuff their stocking with:
Bullet Buddies – Super-fun portable mini bullet in 5 cute shapes. Nestle into bed with visions of Bullet Buddies dancing in your head this holiday season!

4. Looking for a way to warm up your holiday nights without all the vibration?

Stuff their stocking with:
OJoy – Non-vibrating textured erection ring for less buzz and more rubbin’ fun. You’ll be singing O Joy to the World this season with this sexy present.

5. Looking to take it to the next level before ringing in the New Year?

Stuff their stocking with:
The BangO – Vertical vibrating pleasure ring w/ triple-weighted balls. Deck his balls with this swinging, banging pleasure-seeking gift.


Happy Cyber Monday to you all…the best shopping day of the year!

Cyber Monday (n.) The online holiday shopping world’s equivalent to Black Friday.

mrs. santa online holiday shoppingIn case you didn’t get the memo…today is this year’s Cyber Monday. For definition, see above. As I mentioned in a previous post, black Friday is the worst, therefore, I am changing black Friday to sleep-in Friday, and celebrating Cyber Monday, instead. Spend the money you would have wasted on gas and buying frivolous items at the butt-crack of morning on a spa day. Or, have a cyber Monday party and invite all the girls over, munch on appetizers and sip wine, swap online coupons, discuss holiday gift ideas, and share your tips about the best deals for everyone on your gift list. However you’re celebrating Cyber Monday, make it relaxing and peaceful and be glad you skipped out on Black Friday this year.


Holiday gift giving for relationships: from sexy to romantic

Whether you’re planning on participating in Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it’s about time to start making your holiday gift lists. Finding the perfect present for that special someone in your life leads to a lot of uneccessary holiday stress. Say you’re in a relationship….what is the gift giving etiquette for 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, or what about if you just had “the talk” last week? Or even worse for holiday gift giving stress…what if your Facebook status reads: “It’s complicated”.

Some tips to keep in mind for holiday gift shopping:

If you’re the girl:

Don’t overthink your relationship. Also, try not to think about what he might be getting you. Stop rummaging through the closet to find the presents he already bought you in order to decide what present to get him. Chances are, unless it’s December 24, he probably hasn’t bought you anything yet. Just follow a few simple rules of relationship gift giving and decide that you’re not going to compare your gift to his.

If you’re the guy:

Number one rule this year: no more last minute gift ideas. With a little help, you can plan well in advance and not spend hours walking around in cirlces in the mall, fighting your way through the last minute crowds. The key is to think about it early, and order online if at all possible. This way, you can save yourself a dreaded trip to the mall during the holiday rush.

Relationship gift giving rules:

It’s complicated: This is a tricky one because it depends on why it’s complicated. Here are a few categories: very new relationship, casually dating, not exclusive, separated, working things out, broken up but still talking, on-again-off-again, caught cheating but not yet broken up….the list is, of course, endless.

Rules: If you’re pissed off, then the perfect holiday gift idea would be the proverbial lump of coal. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with playful, fun gifts. The best idea is a fun, sexy gift, such as a non-threatening sex toy or massage oil. Just remember to keep it light.

Early relationship: This time period is right after you’ve had “the talk”, and you both understand you are exclusive until about 6 months or so. Of course, the timeline for every couple is different. Basically, if you’re regularly dating, there is romance, and you are seen in public as “a couple”.

Rules: Romantic gifts are the key here. Nothing too committment-oriented. No rings or jewelry that symbolizes forever. Jewelry is definetely ok, but stick with necklaces, earrings, etc. Gift ideas for guys – clothes are ok now. However, not too expensive and not too personal (no boxers and socks). Here is another route – rather than the typical piece of jewelry or shirt, find the perfect present by tapping into something that shows you know who they are. Remember something he or she said one time about their favorite hobby, author, tv series, or music. And last, but not least, romantic and sexy gifts are also ok, but more as an add-on, stocking stuffer, or special Christmas eve surprise present.

Committed, stable relationship: This category is basically everything else. You have been a couple for a long time, you are engaged or married.

Rules: Everything goes for this category. You can throw in some pratical gifts – kitchenware for her, socks and boxers for him (hint, hint). However, this is the perfect time to spark up the romance. Give him or her a gift that symbolizes your committment. Gifts like jewelry for girls, watches for guys – the longer together, the more you should spend. And as with any stage of the relationship, don’t forget to spice up the bedroom with sexy present add-ons or stocking stuffers. And longer you’ve been in a relationship, the kinkier you can go. 😉